WordPress Website Design

Create a Custom, Responsive Site with Our WordPress Website Design Services


A well-built, customized and responsive website that is search engine optimized is the backbone of any digital marketing strategy. When utilizing email marketing, social media marketing and content marketing, it is very important your small business has a website that is visible to the public, as well as to Google and other major search engines. BLV Marketing specializes in the design and development of WordPress websites. Our WordPress website design services, as well as more simple WordPress blogs for personal branding efforts, are search engine optimized and responsive for mobile, tablets and personal computers.

When a small business decides to build or redesign a website, selecting the proper website design platform is never easy, but it is an important decision. WordPress is one of the most popular web publishing platforms in the world. It offers a high level of design capabilities, custom plug ins and themes, responsiveness and support.

WordPress Blogs for Personal Branding Efforts

Certain individuals may not require a fully customized website to reach their digital marketing goals. WordPress also allows powerful blogging and SEO content marketing properties. WordPress blogs are an easy and effective way to enhance branding when a person is not ready for a full site.

If you would like additional resources on WordPress website design or a WordPress blog, please contact BLV Marketing today for a customized quote.